Das Chameleon

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Der urbane eco-design Anhänger, dein täglicher Begleiter




Chameleon Wood Trailer

by frei


  • Light : 5.4 kg

  • Strong : Up to 30kg load

  • Volume : enought for a 20 beers box & the shoping for a week

  • Eco-design : manufacture in France & Germany , fully recyclable, easy adaptable

  • Tought : stainless steel & ash wood structure

  • Modular : you can virtualy attach everything on the platform ( ready to use modules available soon)

  • Compact : can be stored behind a door once fold

  • Can be assemble by yourself, future upgrades to let your trailer evolve

  • Adventurous : Follows you every where with the travel arm ( city arm soon available)

Chameleon Alone.PNG

Chameleon trailer - Mini Adventure arm

Copie de 193.jpg

Chameleon trailer - City arm + WoodBox module


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